1 Day Outlaw King Adventure Tour from Edinburgh
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Step away from Netflix and join us on an epic journey to discover the real Outlaw King; the hero that is Robert the Bruce. Rewind 700 years, as we explore historic sites with connections to the legend himself, and the insane Wars of Independence. The stories which inspired Outlaw King and Braveheart feature more drama and gore than directors would dare show on the big screen. We’re happy to share though! Immerse yourself in tales of betrayal, bloodshed, and victory as we blaze a trail into the heart of the action; from Linlithgow Palace and Bannockburn, to the Wallace Monument and Dunfermline Abbey. Learn about Robert the Bruce and his quest for Scottish independence, finishing off what the rebellious warrior William Wallace started before his barbaric execution. Prepare for a blockbuster day of history and heroes.

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