1-Year Gorilla Adoption Pack
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1-Year Gorilla Adoption Pack @ The Aspinall Foundation

Perfect for: The perfect gift for anyone who cares for animals and conservation. Certificate: The certificate name will be left blank for you to insert your chosen name onto. Supporting: By adopting an animal with The Aspinall Foundation, you will be helping to support their amazing overseas conservation work and back to the wild campaigns. Adoption pack: Care for a cute animal with a one-year gorilla adoption pack from The Aspinall Foundation. The digital pack: Includes adoption certificate, fact sheet on animal species and photo of your adopted animal! Louango the gorilla: Louango resides amongst a family group of 11 gorillas headed up by silverback Kouillou. Cheeky and adventurous, Louango enjoys climbing and playing with the other young gorillas in the group. 1-Year Gorilla Adoption Pack | UK | Living Social