3-Pack ‘Ruby Snow’ Chinese Witch Hazel Plant
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White flowers: The Chinese witch hazel provides delicate snow white spidery flowers which bloom from late winter to early spring, contrasting beautifully against the deep burgundy foliage. Great for borders: A compact, evergreen hub that is ideal for flower beds, borders or sheltered patio containers. Growth: Supplied in 1-5-2 litre containers. Over time, the plant will form a neat, compact bush around 75cm in height and up to 100cm wide. Ruby snow plant: Get a three-pack of ‘Ruby Snow’ Chinese witch hazel plants. Garden: Providing a further flush of flowers in late summer and early autumn, this dazzling plant is perfect for any garden! Position: For the best results, keep in a partially shaded position on a well-drained, retentive soil with plenty of compost incorporated when planted.

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