5 Pillar ‘Grow Your Own Fruit’ Trees
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5 Pillar ‘Grow Your Own Fruit’ Trees @ PlantStore

£29.99 instead of £79.99 for the ‘Autumn Abundance Orchard Bundle’ including five pillar apple and pear trees from Plant Store – save 63%

Pillar trees: Get five patio-ready pillar fruit trees from the Autumn Abundance Orchard Bundle. Five varieties: Includes five different varieties - Pinova Apple, Lobo Apple, Empire Apple, Alwa Apple and Clapps Favourite Pear Grow your own fruit: Enjoy fresh, juicy and crisp fruit straight from your own mini ‘orchard’. Easy to grow: All you need to do is plant them, and watch them quickly branch and grow into 6-8ft tall heavy croppers. Pillar trees: All the fruit trees should be producing well within a season or two, if not the year of planting. Size: The plants are delivered bare root and measure around 140cm tall – ideal for planting in patio pots!
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