6pc or 12pc Push-Up Lolly Mould Set
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6pc or 12pc Push-Up Lolly Mould Set @ Suzhou Dashijie Electronics Co., Ltd

£7.99 instead of £29.99 for a six-piece push-up lolly mould set, £12.99 for a 12-piece push-up lolly mould set from Secret Storz – save up to 73%

Ice lolly mould: Get a six-piece or 12-piece push-up lolly mould set! Frozen treats: Use your favourite juice, smoothie or yoghurt to make frozen treats. Lidded: A push-up style lolly for easier eating, with a super tight-fitting lid to avoid spills. Sturdy: Can survive temperatures from -40°C right the way up to 250°C - dishwasher safe. Dry snacks: Can even be used to store dry snacks when you’re on the go. Colours: Comes in a random variety of bright, fun colours.
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