Alpaca Experience – Family Upgrade!
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Alpaca Experience – Family Upgrade! @ Lucky Tails Alpacas

£14 for an alpaca experience for one person at Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm, Warwickshire. £24 for two, or £34 for a family of four

Alpaca experience: Get up close with some fleecy alpacas at Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm! Take a friend: Either go by yourself or take a friend or a loved one! Family upgrade: Spend time as a family learning all about these funny animals. Walk the alpaca: You’ll even harness up your own alpaca and take it for a walk around the farm. Farm entry: Afterwards you can see the other animals at the farm including pygmy goats, sheep, chickens and guinea pigs! Feed them: You'll both get to feed, observe and learn from the resident meerkats, plus enjoy an alpaca experience and entry too!
Dexter Lane, Hurley, Atherstone, CV9 2JQ
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