Birds of Prey Experience
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Birds of Prey Experience @ Hawksflight Falconry

Two-hour falconry experience: Get back to nature with a two-hour falconry experience at Hawksflight Falconry. What’s included: Meet the birds, see a flying display and learn about housing, diet, food preparation and more. Learn: Plus, you will be shown how to tie the falconers knot and handle the birds safely, then you will be shown the basics of training and flying some of the birds to your gloved fist. Valid: Mon-Sun, 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm. Perfect for: A fun and memorable day out for anyone with an interest in falconry and birds of prey – a great day for the whole family! Location: At Hawksflight Falconry at Byrkley Garden Centre, close to Burton-upon-Trent. Birds Of Prey Experience | Regional | Living Social