Blackberry ‘Coolaris Patio’ – 1 or 3 Plants
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Blackberry ‘Coolaris Patio’ – 1 or 3 Plants @ Thompson and Morgan

£5.99 instead of £9.99 for one blackberry rubus ‘coolaris patio’ plant or £9.99 for three plants from Thompson & Morgan – save up to 40%

Plants: Grow your own fruit with a blackberry 'coolaris patio' plant. Quantity: Choose from one or three, Compact habit: Despite its size, the plant is a big cropper which produces yields of large, juicy berries with a lovely sweet flavour. Enjoy tasty fruit: Perfect for snacking on, adding to desserts or making flavoursome jams. Easy to grow: Ideal for small gardens and containers. Size: Height and spread of up to 100cm (39") at maturity.
Poplar Lane, Ipswich, IP8 3BU