Car Chase Heroes Driving Experience
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Car Chase Heroes Driving Experience @ Car Chase Heroes

The Harrington Legionnaire: Body built by Thomas Harrington Ltd, the bus is well known for being in the 1969 ‘The Italian Job’! Duration: You’ll spend 20-minutes driving, however the total experience will last between two-three hours. Locations: Available at 15 different locations including Bicester, Dunsfold, Castle Combe and Three Sisters Circuit. Valid: Seven days a week, 8.30am-4.30pm. Perfect for: A great gift for any car fanatics or fans of the film. Driving experience: Are you a fan of that famous film with Mr Michael Cain? Enjoy an ‘Italian Job’ bus driving experience from Car Chase Heroes. Behind the wheel: You’ll get behind the wheel of the 36ft passenger coach before you hop into the passenger seat as one of the qualified instructors re-enacts the famous moving bus stunt! Car Chase Heroes Driving Experience | Regional | Living Social