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Discover Scuba Diving Session @ Scuba School LTD

Scuba diving lesson: Dip your toe (then your whole body) into the world of scuba diving with a ‘Try Scuba Diving’ session. Beginner’s session: Perfect for beginners who have always wanted to take the plunge! Professional teachers: Led by friendly and experienced PADI qualified professional divers. What you’ll learn: Start with a classroom-based theory lesson where you’ll learn all about the techniques and equipment. Take the plunge: Before moving to the pool for a dive: find out how easy it is to move underwater, and discover the thrill of being able to breathe whilst under the surface! 5* reviews: At Scuba School in Redditch, rated a whopping 5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor! Discover Scuba Diving Session | Regional | Living Social