Elswick 20 Inch Cherish Bike

Elswick 20 Inch Cherish Bike @ Elswick

The gorgeous Cherish bike from Elswick sets the benchmark for style and design.  Designed with a 12″ step-through frame the riding position is leisurely yet responsive whilst also aiding easy mounting and dis-mounting. The Cherish includes 6 easy to use gears powered through a Shimano rear derailleur to provide reliable gear changing to let you tackle the urban terrain with ease. The frame is finished in a beautiful Hawaiian blue colour with satin lacquer for a low-sheen to set the design apart from the crowd. Front and rear full-length metal mudguards protect you from dirt thrown up from the pavement whilst the matching full length chainguard provides protection from the chain for your trendy clothes.     The subtle design elements from the frame are enhanced by the chainguard design which mirrors the prints seen on the high-street this season. The Cherish feels fresh and vibrant with cream front and rear tyres com…

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