Fig ‘Little Miss Figgy’ Plants – 1 or 2
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Fig ‘Little Miss Figgy’ Plants – 1 or 2 @ Thompson and Morgan

£9.99 instead of £17.99 for one fig ‘Little Miss Figgy’ plant in a 9cm pot, or £14.99 for two plants from Thompson & Morgan – save up to 44%

Plants: Brighten up your garden with a fig ‘Little Miss Figgy’ plant. Quantity: Choose from one or two plants. Crops: Produces two crops per year, in late Spring and early Autumn, boasting smooth-skinned figs with sweet, juicy flesh. Large leaves: Deeply lobed leaves which create an attractive feature in your garden. Dwarf variety: Neat and compact variety which is easy to grow and looks great in a sheltered border or large patio pot. Size: Height of up to 1.8m and spread of up to 1.2m at maturity.
Poplar Lane, Ipswich, IP8 3BU