Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ Plants – 1 or 2
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Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ Plants – 1 or 2 @ Suttons Consumer Products Ltd

£12.99 instead of £19.99 for one hydrangea ‘runaway bride’ in a one litre pot, £23.99 for a plant in a 2-3-litre pot or £25.99 for two plants in a one-litre pot from Suttons – save up to 35%

Plants: Get a Hydrangea 'Runaway Bride' plant in a one litre pot. Quantity: Upgrade to receive a plant in a 2-3 litre pot or two plants in one litre pots. Blooms: Produces flowers from every leaf joint, resulting in a magnificent display of beautiful white flowers. Flowers: Continuously reproduces flowers from early summer all the way through to September! Fully hardy: A neat and compact plant which is ideal in a decorative container. Size: Height of 101-150cm (40-50") and spread of 101-150cm (40-50") at maturity.
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