Instagrammable York history experience
Deal Ending In

The tour is brand new for 2019 but is already picking up amazing reviews.It is especially aimed at those who are looking to have an enjoyable, entertaining walking tour combined with a focus on capturing the magic of the beautiful city of York for your memories & social media posts.The tour lasts 3 hours and takes you off the beaten track into areas that visitors often miss. You will learn some history and experience some wonderful sights and you will make a connection with the city that will stay with you.I believe in creating intimate experiences & moments that stay with you. The maximum group size I normally work with is limited to 10 people. This ensures that everyone stays involved & engaged with the tour & you can ask as many questions as you like. It also means there is always someone to help you to create your images with tips on how to capture the perfect shot or to take shots of you against some stunning backdrops that will get plenty of reaction on social media.

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