Justbe Prosecco 4 Bottle Giftpack – 5 Flavour Options
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Sparkling wine: Dive into the world of Justbe sparkling wine with four 200ml bottles of bubbly! Italian: Taste a blend of two flavoured sparkling Italian wines, delicious as an aperitif. 5 options: Choose from a range of giftpacks from fruity flavoured wines to alcohol-free options or classic Prosecco and sparkling rosé. Gifting: Perfect way to treat yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one. Natural: Developed in-house using 100% natural ingredients and zero artificial flavours or enhancers. Delivery: Delivered straight to your door meaning you can stop stressing and start sipping. | Justbe Prosecco 4 Bottle Giftpack – Orange | UK | Wowcher