Laser Teeth Whitening Session – 2 Locations!
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Laser Teeth Whitening Session – 2 Locations! @ Smiles Dental Group

£69 instead of £499 for a 45-minute session of laser teeth whitening from Smile Dental Group – choose from two locations and save 86%

Whitening session: Treat your teeth to a 45-minute laser teeth whitening session from Smiles Dental Group. Procedure: A solution is applied to the teeth, a plastic mouthpiece is inserted and an intense light is directed onto the teeth; this light is designed to reduce yellow staining. Professional feel: Carried out by a specialist team who aim to restore smiles for anyone who is looking to get their dazzling smile back! Perfect for: Ideal way to brighten and whiten teeth before a special occasion or even if you just want to treat yourself and enjoy a confidence boost. Location: Located on the well known Harley Street and in Derby. Valid: Check out validity times here.
1 Harley Street , London, W1G 9QD