Microgreen Seed Growing Kit – Classic, Aromatic or Rainbow
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Microgreen Seed Growing Kit – Classic, Aromatic or Rainbow @ Thompson and Morgan

£4.99 for a microgreen growing kit from Thompson & Morgan!

Grow seeds kit: Get a microgreen seed growth kit. Kit: Contains microgreens along with everything you need to easily grow them at home, including biodegradable growing pots, expandable plugs, labels and snips. Perfect for creating delicious salads, wraps and sandwiches all year round! Options: Choose from a classic, aromatic or rainbow kit. Aromatic: This kit brings a selection of wonderful aromatic flavours such as garlic chives, mustard and more to provide heaps of nutrition and bring your salads to life! Rainbow: Add a splash of colour to your salads and sandwiches with these vibrant rainbow shoots! Featuring a combination of colourful seeds such as mustard, radish, swiss and more. Classic: The classic mix will bring a lively and well-rounded touch to your dishes, with shoots that include broccoli, cabbage and kale for high nutrition and enriching flavours.
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