Multipurpose Garden Hedge Trimmer – Grass, Logs & More!
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Garden tool: Get a 10-piece multipurpose garden hedge trimmer – the powerful and reliable 52cc 2-stroke engine will make light work of even the toughest jobs. Hedge trimmer attachment: Get your hedges into perfect shape with 12 adjustable positions. Tackle any pruning tasks with control and precision, and use the extension shaft to reach the tallest of hedgerows. Grass trimmer/brushcutter attachment: Cut through tough weeds, brambles, dense scrub, and overgrown grass with ease. Chain/pole saw: Make easy work of any logs on the ground or fallen branches, then add the extension shaft to tackle any overhead branches. Extension shaft: The quick-release extension shaft, providing 80cm of extra reach, is a convenient addition to the multi-tool. Provides extra accessibility for reaching high branches, hedgerows, or brambles. Ergonomic design: Comfortable to use with a full double shoulder harness for additional support and weight distribution.

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