PADI Scuba Diving Experience
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PADI Scuba Diving Experience @ Clubsub

Location: A professional diving school situated within Werrington, only a short drive from Stoke-on-Trent. Scuba diving lesson: Take a dip into the world of scuba diving with a PADI scuba diving experience at Clubsub Diving Club. For beginners: Under the direct supervision of a PADI professional, you’ll learn the basics of scuba diving in a 90-minute session – perfect for beginners! Take the plunge: Once you’ve got to grips with the equipment, you’ll get into the pool for a dive where you’ll find out how to move underwater, and discover the thrill of being able to breathe whilst under the surface! Learn: You’ll learn what its like to wear scuba diving equipment, how it works and how lightweight it feels underwear, allowing you to move seamlessly. Scuba equipment: All equipment needed is provided including a mask and snorkel, fins, a wetsuit, a buoyancy compensating jacket (BCD) that carries your weights and scuba tank. Deal bonus: Get a £25 voucher for the Clubsub shop if you sign up to the scuba diver course on the day. Padi Scuba Diving Experience | Regional | Living Social