Protective Mesh Plant Netting – 2 Sizes
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Protective Mesh Plant Netting – 2 Sizes @ Guangzhou Zhangmafushi Co.,Ltd t/a Wish-Imports

£8.99 instead of £29.99 for a 6m x 2.5m protective garden net or £12.99 for a 10m x 2.5m net from Wish Imports – save up to 70%

Plant netting: Get a plant protective net for your garden. Versatile: Help your plants to grow with this handy netting! Perfect for shielding your crops from the weather, insects and birds without blocking sunlight, air and moisture. Weatherproof: Water your crops directly through the net! Ideal for maintaining plants, vegetables and flowers all year round. Durable: Made from highly durable transparent mesh. Sizes: Choose your size from 6 x 2.5 metres or 10 x 2.5 metres.
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