Salted, Dry Roasted & Cider Vinegar Peanut Box – 72pk!
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Salted, Dry Roasted & Cider Vinegar Peanut Box – 72pk! @ Dormen Foods Limited

£19 instead of £42 for a 72-piece pub snack bundle from the Dormen including 24 x salted peanuts, 24 x dry roasted peanuts and 24 x salt & cider vinegar peanuts – save 55%

Snack box: Build the ultimate snack stash with a peanut box from the Dormen. Contents: Includes 72 packs of 50g peanut bags! Flavours: Choose from three classic flavours - dry roasted peanuts, salted peanuts and cider vinegar peanuts. the Dormen: This West Country based company has been producing the finest nuts for over 30 years, sourcing them from across the world. Perfect for: Anyone who can’t get enough of nuts and wants to build a stockpile. Award-winning: The roastery has been award an AA rating by the British Retailers Consortium!
Unit 10, Dunbeath Court, Swindon, SN2 8QE