Scottish Heroes and Legends 1 Day Tour from Edinburgh
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Come and join our quest to discover the real Outlaw King; the legendary Robert the Bruce. Let us transport you back to the 13th and 14th century, as we hop around historic gems with connections to the Wars of Independence. The dramatic events from this turbulent period in Scottish history inspired Braveheart and Outlaw King, wielding enough bloodshed to make your toes curl! Immerse your imagination in tales of rebellion, betrayal and victory, as we blaze a trail into the heart of the action; from Linlithgow Palace and Bannockburn, to the Wallace Monument and Dunfermline Abbey. Learn about the rebellious hero William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce, who picked up where he left off, in his courageous pursuit of independence for Scotland. Brace yourself for a blockbuster day of history and heroism!

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