Set of 4 or 8 Microfibre Retractable Dusters
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Set of 4 or 8 Microfibre Retractable Dusters @ Fantasy Supply Limited

£7.99 instead of £36 for a set of four microfibre extendable dusters, £14.99 for a set of eight from Fantasy Supply – save up to 78%

Microfibre dusters: Get a set of microfibre dusters. Features: Super soft fibre brush which picks up unwanted dust from hard to reach areas. Extendable handle: The stainless steel pole can be extended to make your cleaning work easy and effortless. Options: Choose a set of four with one of each colour, or eight with two of each colour. Washable: The brush heads are detachable for easy cleaning – simply rinse with water! Ideal for: Widely used to easily dust high areas, TV’s, computers, surfaces and cars.
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