Smartwares 20W LED Floodlight with Sensor

Smartwares 20W LED Floodlight with Sensor @ Studio

Never come home in the dark with the Smartwares SL1-B20B Security Light. The floodlight with motion sensor turns on automatically when someone enters the detection area. This way you provide your home with some extra security and can even deter burglars.Provides light and security.Illuminating the important areas around your home can help deter intruders. The extra slim floodlight with a bright light does not only give you extra lighting but also increases your security. The light is perfect to illuminate your driveway garden or front door when coming home.Powerful lightThe integrated LED light is 20 W and produces 1300 lumens this can be compared with the light output of an incandescent light bulb with approximately 115 W. The light has a colour temperature of 4000 K which gives a natural white light. The light has energy label A which makes the light energy efficient.

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