Swiss Cheese Plant ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ 11cm Potted – 2 or 3 Plants
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Swiss Cheese Plant ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ 11cm Potted – 2 or 3 Plants @ THOMPSON AND MORGAN

Make your house more homely with the 11cm Potted Swiss Cheese Plant ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ This Swiss cheese plant is instantly recognisable for its heart-shaped dark green leaves Holes and splits appear as the leaves grow, creating a palm-like effect Climbing plant is best trained to a moss pole and looks stylish in any room With aerial roots that take moisture from the air as it grows When it’s fully matured it will create a large, architectural display and a perfect focal point Ideal for bright rooms and filling up large spaces Can reach a height and spread of up to 2.5m in the correct conditions Please see Full Details for product specifications Choose from buy 2 or 3 plants Each plant comes in a 11cm pot Buying Options: 21.99 pounds instead of 29.98 pounds for 2 x Plants – save 27% 33.99 pounds instead of 44.97 pounds for 3 x Plants – save 24%

Put a cheesy smile on your face with the beautiful 11cm Potted Swiss Cheese Plant 'Monstera Deliciosa' - now from only £21.99
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