Tap Faucet Water Filter – 1 or 2
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Tap Faucet Water Filter – 1 or 2 @ Dynergy

£6.99 (from Dynergy) for one tap faucet water filter or £7.99 for two filters

Get one or two tap faucet water filters. Tier one contains natural zeolite ore designed to filter chlorine and other heavy metal impurities. Tier two contains calcium sulphate, which helps absorbs organic compounds, toxic metal ions, chlorine and harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. Tier three contains activated Carbon which aim to absorb chlorine, odour, and a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in water. Tier four contains a PVC non-woven filter layer, designed to filter solids and visible impurities. Have instant filtered water from your tap!
Unit 3 Ursula Lapp Estate, Old Oak Lane, London, NW10 6UD