Teeth Whitening Pen – 1 or 3-Pack
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Teeth Whitening Pen – 1 or 3-Pack @ Droppi Ltd. T/A Mad Smile

£5.99 instead of £15.99 for a teeth whitening pen or £10.99 for a three-pack of teeth whitening pens from Madsmile – save up to 63%

Teeth whitening pen: Get a Madsmile teeth whitening pen. Prevents stains: Brighten your smile and feel your most confident self with this gel pen that not only whitens your teeth but works to prevent further stains! Peroxide-free: The peroxide-free gel lifts stains without causing damage to your enamel or gums and is even suitable for sensitive teeth. Easy to use: The pen is comfortable and easy to use, simply apply the gel and relax! Upgrade: Upgrade and get a pack of three pens.
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