Tree Lily Collection – 9 or 18 Bulbs
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Tree Lily Collection – 9 or 18 Bulbs @ Thompson and Morgan

£9.99 for nine bulbs of tree lily collection, £16.99 for 18 bulbs from Thompson & Morgan

Tree lily: Get a tree lily collection - either nine or 18 bulbs. Size: Tree lilies are the breathtaking result of years of painstaking breeding; these incredible varieties of oriental lily can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) in two years. Trumpet-like blooms: One single tree lily bulb can produce up to thirty 20cm (8") trumpet blooms and will take on a shrub-like appearance over the years. Collection includes: Tree Lily ‘Yellow Rocket’, Tree Lily ‘Starburst’ and Tree Lily ‘Pink Explosion’. Maximum height: Height: 2.5m (8’). Spread: 60cm (24").
Poplar Lane, Ipswich, IP8 3BU