Twin-Pack Ram® Draught Excluders
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Twin-Pack Ram® Draught Excluders @ Ram Online LTD

£4.99 instead of £14.99 for a pack of two Ram® draught excluders from Ramstores – save 67%

Draught excluders: Get a pack of two Ram® draught excluders! Fit: Fits doors up to 36″ and designed to close gaps of up to 1.3″. Other uses: Also great for blocking out dust, sand, light and creepy crawlies. Smooth: Easily glides along most floor types - works great on tile, laminates, wood and stone. Attachable: With adhesive backing and a hook and loop fastener, so it moves with the door. Two-pack: Use them together to block both sides of one door, or separately on two different doors!
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