Vitamin C & CBD Eye Cream
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Vitamin C & CBD Eye Cream @ Eclat Cosmetic Ltd

£12.99 instead of £59 for one pot of 20ml Pro-Glow Fresh vitamin C and CBD eye cream, £23.99 for two pots from London Botanical Laboratories – save up to 78%

Eye cream: Get a Pro-Glow fresh vit C eye cream. Upgrade: Upgrade to receive two pots. Formula: A fresh natural brightening eye cream with a lightweight formula and uplifting scent. Vitamin C: Contains pineapple extract high in vitamin C – well known for it’s brightening and ‘anti ageing’ effects. CBD: A non-psychoactive skincare ingredient. Features: Natural, vegan and cruelty-free – it applies like a dream! Perfect for: Ideal for nourishing skin to make it feel smooth, healthy and hydrated.
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