Wellbeing Brown Goldstone

Wellbeing Brown Goldstone @ Moodstones

Wellbeing – Moodstones – Feel The Power of The Stones  For thousands of years the pure energy of semi-precious gemstones has been used to heal and energise as an aid to meditation and to purify the soul. Their mood balancing bio-energetic influences have been well known to Vedic Astrologers since ancient times who found dramatic and positive energy points and encourage strengthening of imbalances. Moodstones fashioned by the hands of nature link the astral and mineral worlds bringing the universal power of pure gemstones to you in the form of exclusive and fashionable jewellery.Contents: Gemstones Heart Necklace Gemstone Bracelet Quality Velour Pouch and Positive Affirmation Card.Warning: Gemstones should not be used in place of traditional medicine. If you have medical symptoms then you should consult a doctor.

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